Picks the best period (earnings) for a pension

Applying for a pension, one of my friend faced this challenge: in the Pension Fund, said: "bring a certificate of the amount of average monthly earnings for the 2000-2001 years or for any 60 consecutive months until 2001. Read online, it turned out that the right choice affects the amount of future pensions. Had to choose 60 consecutive months so that the coefficient for the calculation of pensions was the greatest. So how to manually calculate all this was difficult enough, I decided to help a friend and wrote a script that analyzes the data and selects the most profitable 5-year span for the pension. You can test this script completely free of charge.

the sample script is the best period

I plan to go beyond just counting the favourable ratio, but also the entire pensions in General. So how am I on a voluntary basis, of course did not prevent your help in testing this resource. Expect from you suggestions for improvement, errors, etc. in the work of the script.


All the information used on the site, as well as in the development of the script is taken from the official website of the Pension Fund of Russia (pfrf.ru) and other open sources.

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